Mark Cuban Cancelling the National Anthem is GREAT! | Flagrant 2 with Andrew Schulz & Akaash Singh

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Flagrant 2

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Flagrant 2 is a comedy podcast that delivers unfiltered, unapologetic, and unruly hot takes directly to your dome piece. In an era dictated by political correctness, hosts Andrew Schulz and Akaash Singh, along with AlexxMedia and Mark Gagnon, could care less about sensitivities. If it’s funny and flagrant it flies. If you are sensitive this podcast is not for you. But if you miss the days of comedians actually being funny instead of preaching to a quire then welcome to The Flagrancy.
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New York native and internationally touring stand-up, Andrew Schulz is known for his hilarious and unsafe comedy. He has starred in the sitcom BENDERS (now available on Netflix), can be seen in Amazon’s SNEAKY PETE, HBO’s CRASHING, and on MTV including GUY CODE and GIRL CODE.
In the podcast realm, Schulz can be heard on the wildly popular THE BRILLIANT IDIOTS - co-hosted by nationally syndicated radio and television personality Charlamagne tha God - the hilarious sports commentary podcast FLAGRANT 2, and the film and TV analysis podcast WESTERBROS. He has made major appearances on The Joe Rogan Experience, Bert Kreischer’s BERTCAST, Joey “coco” Diaz The Chuch of What’s Happening Now, and Theo Von’s This Past Weekend. He has even done solo interviews with the likes of Lil Duval and many others.
Andrew’s online presence has touched hundreds of millions of people across the globe and his unconventionally funny approach to the comedy world has launched him into stardome. His shows Dropping In and Inside Jokes will rack of hundreds of thousands of views weekly. Nothing is off limits for Schulz, from sex to race, and even the occasional audience heckler roast, Andrew is hungry to be the best. He can be seen in New York City performing regularly at New York Comedy Club and the Comedy Cellar.

Otso Berg
Otso Berg 8 dagen geleden
We all know what kind of Cuban Mark is.
Vivashvan Bhushan
Vivashvan Bhushan 9 dagen geleden
I kinda agree. It only makes sense of it's international sport competition. Like every other country does.
Lawrence Paul
Lawrence Paul 9 dagen geleden
National anthem is and will always be tradition. We are American and we are proud of our country. Welcome to cancel culture guys.
Basil Syed
Basil Syed 25 dagen geleden
The star spangled banner wasn't the national anthem until like 19-something I think so would've been pretty hard to play it before games in the 1800s
Robert Golda
Robert Golda 26 dagen geleden
Yo, I just realized something. Why do all of the unknown bombings occur in Chicago. Like, I know the people Packers don’t like the bears but damn(joke)
Nothin2801 26 dagen geleden
As a Canadian i agree. Our anthem sucks ass
DesRosiers Maand geleden
Our national anthem in Canada May be shit but y’all have Biden as president and your country is fucked lol and you joke bout us when half of you will be trying to move to Canada and will have to sing it to get citizenship lol
hp sauce
hp sauce Maand geleden
Should be changed to god save the queen 😂😂 🎊
The Over/UnderThinker
The Over/UnderThinker Maand geleden
fewer and fewer people will see the NBA anyway, so why does it matter?
mdwm Maand geleden
Fun fact: The Scots had face paint but kilts had not yet been invented yet in Wallace's time
Ancient deception
Ancient deception Maand geleden
No one wants to hear that shit before a sporting event anyway
Metal Dad
Metal Dad Maand geleden
I think you miss the actual point but that’s ok lol
Emily Katsman
Emily Katsman Maand geleden
Canadian national anthem > over American national anthem
Eliam LV
Eliam LV Maand geleden
This is the reason why the world says Americans have no culture.
TheCarlos3107 Maand geleden
Homies obviously haven’t seen Shazam! Shaq can’t be killed
Brian Hill
Brian Hill Maand geleden
Doesn't every country have a national athem?
Mike Goodwalk
Mike Goodwalk Maand geleden
This is such a dumb take... Both the American and Canadian national anthems are great... and singing them before sporting events is a RITUAL that binds together the crowd in the spirit of tradition... This is an extremely low IQ simplistic take from dumb people.
Greg Archuleta
Greg Archuleta Maand geleden
Good point! Sporting events are Entertainment. Imagine having to stand for the National Anthem in a movie theater before watching a movie, or before watching a play or any other type of Entertainment? can you imagine that?
fettel1988 Maand geleden
It's like a minute, bro.
kaushal v
kaushal v Maand geleden
That happens here ... allover INDIA😭
Thomas Anderson
Thomas Anderson Maand geleden
Some ignorant shit
Bacon Pancakes
Bacon Pancakes Maand geleden
Playing the national anthem before watching sports is full on cult shit.
Kurt Johansson
Kurt Johansson Maand geleden
Both are tribalism
AJ 5600
AJ 5600 Maand geleden
Visual Reaction
Visual Reaction Maand geleden
China bought out Andrew. Lol Football, and baseball is an American sport, why not play the national anthem. Pretty ridiculous logic Shultz has on this one.
Christopher Morgan
Christopher Morgan 2 maanden geleden
and yet not major richard star act... i guess vets take a back seat again..
Khalib Brodie
Khalib Brodie 2 maanden geleden
Fr tho how uncomfortable is everyone during the anthem and cant wait to sit down
Could have sat down or stayed seated from the start it's a free country
Promit Moitra
Promit Moitra 2 maanden geleden
Man I hope Indian twitter don't get wind of this.
Seth Downs
Seth Downs 2 maanden geleden
Marc Cuban would do whatever the CCP told him to do. He doesnt want to loose his 100M a year from China.
pepón pepón
pepón pepón 2 maanden geleden
Mark cuban any opportunity to get headlines.
Edward O'Regan
Edward O'Regan 2 maanden geleden
America seems like it will soon to be a land of no unity. I mean we can't even like our own flag or anthem, do any other countries have these kind of movements with so many supporters? "Yeah I love America but I'll be damned if I'm inconvenienced by standing for 2 mins to sing a song."
Cody Macintyre
Cody Macintyre 2 maanden geleden
Why y’all gotta do the Canadians like that
Rex O'Connell
Rex O'Connell 2 maanden geleden
People love singing the anthems together in Canada.
Rex O'Connell
Rex O'Connell Maand geleden
@Alexander Delarge 80% of major sporting events are vs. American teams. Search Toronto crowd sings American anthem when microphone fails.
Alexander Delarge
Alexander Delarge Maand geleden
Why are they singing the US anthem in canada?
Chris Ryan
Chris Ryan 2 maanden geleden
Syrup lord here - thank you for blasting our national anthem!! It does NOT slap.. If our anthem was a person it would look like a fat American..
Chris Ryan
Chris Ryan Maand geleden
@Damyan Sandoval we also run mustard (facts!)
Damyan Sandoval
Damyan Sandoval Maand geleden
As a American fu 🖕*(sarcasm) "Syrup lord", thats a good one tho 😂😂
Rusty Shackleford
Rusty Shackleford 2 maanden geleden
Tell ya what, they should play the national anthem every time Congress meets, and every time the end their meetings. Let’s see how quickly that gets shut down.. 😌
Mark Smolenski
Mark Smolenski 2 maanden geleden
Not Shareef Abdul-Rahim but Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf
Mike Edwards
Mike Edwards 2 maanden geleden
Dude im Canadian but what the f is the problem with a minute of solidarity and pride, as well as respect for the people who have died for the country you can be a dick in. Wtf.
thusano2 2 maanden geleden
save the anthem for big games, Finals, and playoffs, I think it would raise the intensity, and people won't take it for granted, save it for the BIG moments. Not a Monday night televised regular-season game mid-season with the all-stars out for "Rest."
T.K. 2 maanden geleden
It was an experiment. They stopped doing the anthem for 2 whole weeks before anyone gave a shit about it.
Agustin Chaparro
Agustin Chaparro 2 maanden geleden
Love the studio!
Chukwuemeka Ugonabo
Chukwuemeka Ugonabo 2 maanden geleden
The German national anthem is one of the most beautiful in the world.
JP 2 maanden geleden
German beauty...interesting
Know Body
Know Body 2 maanden geleden
America for an intelligent legal immigrant coming from a oppressive country like Tony Montana in Scarface, a man evading communism to come to a country with rule of law, private property and freedom. USA 🇺🇸
FlipTop HipHop
FlipTop HipHop 2 maanden geleden
Fuck the Anthem, GIVE US HEALTHCARE 🇺🇸😤
Royalty 2 maanden geleden
6:46 : “Stephen curry sniper” I died that was funny af
Siege Life
Siege Life 2 maanden geleden
You missed Andrew. Sporting events in this country are oftentimes the largest gathering in an area on a oftentimes daily basis. Sharing in a moment of patriotism with 50,000 other Americans is always a positive thing.
dalia palos
dalia palos 2 maanden geleden
This not cus I’m Mexican or nothing but the Mexican national anthem slapsssssss maybe even more than the American one
Wuxia Games Central
Wuxia Games Central 2 maanden geleden
Blue dye comes from metals like lapulis and cobalt
Ben Dover
Ben Dover 2 maanden geleden
Beijing Andrew. Not feel ya on this one
Luc Bradley
Luc Bradley 2 maanden geleden
So I am Canadian but now I'm confused about something. I've only been to Raptors games. I went to one in Detroit a few years back and was surprised to hear our anthem but i figured it was because the Raps were playing. Does our admittedly boring anthem get played at all games even if its the Spurs vs Mavs???
Ash B
Ash B 2 maanden geleden
I’m an immigrant so this question is purely out of ignorance: Why doesn’t America play you whole national anthem, why only one stanza?
Isaac Alonzo
Isaac Alonzo 2 maanden geleden
Well I'm Dominican and our anthem it's 12 paragraph long but we only sing the first 4. Maybe it's a time thing.
D K Keyz
D K Keyz 2 maanden geleden
Colorist poping the reds a lot stronger these days
Isaac Alonzo
Isaac Alonzo 2 maanden geleden
Reds hitting the 100% saturation for real
Tom Jones
Tom Jones 2 maanden geleden
Cuban is a loser and so is anyone that that think no anthem is a good thing!
George Gee
George Gee 2 maanden geleden
Not sure I agree about this one, I love the country bonding before games. Further, I think the National anthem should be played when you wake up and before you go to sleep. My alarm is the national anthem.
Javier Cervantes
Javier Cervantes 2 maanden geleden
I'll play the national anthem at your funeral, in English and Spanish....
Risk 2 maanden geleden
Romania's anthem best one, change my mind
JP 2 maanden geleden
Romanias anthem best...for romanians
Mrgibb18 2 maanden geleden
Ross M
Ross M 2 maanden geleden
So basically the conservative neonazis are the ones who ruined the National Anthem for everyone over a few knees...🤷🏻‍♂️💩
Milton Mumfrey
Milton Mumfrey 2 maanden geleden
America only dominates Western culture because it's the largest western culture/economy. If France or Germany or Australia had 330 million people living in it, they would dominate instead.
Milton Mumfrey
Milton Mumfrey Maand geleden
@Damyan Sandoval true. American cultural dominance only really kicked in after world war 2 when the rest of the West was in ashes.
Damyan Sandoval
Damyan Sandoval Maand geleden
At one point it wasn't though 🤷, those countries fcked themselves over
Phillip T
Phillip T 2 maanden geleden
"National" Basketball Association...just sayin
Phillip T
Phillip T 26 dagen geleden
@Tanmay Agrawal correct...and they also play the Canadian National Anthem before games...
Tanmay Agrawal
Tanmay Agrawal 28 dagen geleden
and has a Canadian team playing in it lol
FlipTop HipHop
FlipTop HipHop 2 maanden geleden
It's just a label haha
FAME 1R626
FAME 1R626 2 maanden geleden
Ohhhh fawkk 😂😂😂😂😂
A P 2 maanden geleden
These guys try so hard to play the left and the right like they're based or something....meanwhile dudes sidekick CTG is owned by democrats. Foh
Enkhee B
Enkhee B 2 maanden geleden
I'm Mongolian and I'm offended af, lmao
Twilight Reveries
Twilight Reveries 2 maanden geleden
Isn't the "some bombing in Chicago" when they blew up Black Wall Street.
Doug Dimmadome
Doug Dimmadome 2 maanden geleden
Black wall street was in Tulsi Oklahoma if I recall correctly
SirDino 2 maanden geleden
I'm ok as long as they don't have the Chinese anthem when they go to China.
Daniel Love
Daniel Love 2 maanden geleden
THAT world be a great question for a reporter.
J P 2 maanden geleden
I think it’s a good idea to stop and be thankful that you live in a country that allows you to do something as fun and meaningless as watching a sport.
Logan Harder
Logan Harder 2 maanden geleden
Yeah but Canadian national anthem actually unites us🤭
Kay Mac07
Kay Mac07 2 maanden geleden
Yeah but we have to also admit it's lame af
Nathan Ivey
Nathan Ivey 2 maanden geleden
New balance 🙄😞
Kevin W
Kevin W 2 maanden geleden
I disagree with the anthem take. Because the anthem is mostly about paying respects to those (whoever they are to you; military / MLK / etc) who fought to give us the freedom and progress we have today. + most people only do this ... at a sporting event ... where most go only 1 time a year ... the song is only 3m ... and regardless of what others say, you DO NOT HAVE TO STAND TO PAY RESPECTS and ITS NOT A CRIME TO NOT PAY RESPECTS.
Ben S
Ben S 2 maanden geleden
Not a fan of how Andrew talks about Indians here, crosses a line and is plain disrespectful. Jokes are jokes, but acting like there wasn’t Indian resistance to the British or Muslims is inaccurate and ahistorical. Usually a fan of the podcast, but the end of this video just came off as a racist cringefest
Stratocaster 2 maanden geleden
Not with it.
Ryan Jacobs
Ryan Jacobs 2 maanden geleden
This is the most stupid clip lmao
ItsYoBoy Kris Fields
ItsYoBoy Kris Fields 2 maanden geleden
Mark Cuban is a genius
Francisco 2 maanden geleden
World War One started in 1914. What's up with not knowing simple facts? Is Google not working on your computer? :-D
Isaac Vallejos
Isaac Vallejos 2 maanden geleden
being able to remove the the national athem from a sporting event is even more american that actual anthem it self.
FlipTop HipHop
FlipTop HipHop 2 maanden geleden
@Kevin W the anthem has nothing to do w MLK. MLK was fighting against this country for racial equality.
ItsYoBoy Kris Fields
ItsYoBoy Kris Fields 2 maanden geleden
@beastlydevil777 people who dont wanna be labeled a hypocrite to their very ideals
ItsYoBoy Kris Fields
ItsYoBoy Kris Fields 2 maanden geleden
@Ben Dover nope just I think in that case no one wants to be a hypocrite. Don't let you fake patriotism blind you from free thinking and most of all honesty
Ben Dover
Ben Dover 2 maanden geleden
Says leftists who actually hate America to justify their lack of patriotism
ItsYoBoy Kris Fields
ItsYoBoy Kris Fields 2 maanden geleden
@beastlydevil777 the lie of United States being United when we clearly have things such as a wage gap, poverty across the country, personal biased prejudices against each other existing for starters. Listen you can't just sing the words of the anthem cause of tradition/American value representations. You have to actually live by what your saying, not just say it and call it day. For example; the Preamble of The Constitution is a great go to for an establishment of a Union and how it should represent. We The People (Everyone of us), in order to form a more perfect Union, establish justice (Have Just Law and Order) ensure domestic tranquility (seek peace overall), Provide the common defense (aid and back the military), promote the general welfare (aid those in need), and ensure the justice of liberty to ourselves and our prosperity (To actually say Black Lives Indeed do Matter to our neighbors and have a mutual understanding that yes All Lives Do Matter but how can say this if Black Lives are under valued as part of all those lives; same with Asian lives, Mexican & Latino, and especially Indian) to ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America. So with all that said in truth, basically it is your civic duty to say #BLM and not use #ALM as combative tool against it cause it literally leads nowhere and does not help be a part of the solution everything overall. That is if you want really have an anthem based on supposed unification of these United States and a lie. Ya know all this draws up a saying my father told me (a saying passed down from former servicemen in my family) the saying goes: *"Those who break the rules of this country are and should be labeled as scum; but those who'd choose to let either one of his fellow man fall by the wayside or die are worse than scum"* Let that sink in. Have a good day.
Chance Balsamo
Chance Balsamo 2 maanden geleden
Schulz wants to play the Chinese national anthem from now on. He is going more to the left after his buddy Biden is in office.
Vinny Fatstacks
Vinny Fatstacks 2 maanden geleden
No one in this country has it easier than NBA players. At least we can all agree to that 🇺🇸
ItsYoBoy Kris Fields
ItsYoBoy Kris Fields 2 maanden geleden
Wrong...that's a false narrative. Everyone has it ruff; just so happens most people color have a more raw deal.
Faraz Mahmood
Faraz Mahmood 2 maanden geleden
It wasnt shareef abdur rahim, it was Mahmoud Abdul Rauf, aka the steph curry of the 90s. But yeah, he protested for african american rights by not standing for the national anthem like Colin Kaepernick. Unfortunately he got black-balled from the league as well.
Benjamin Dixon
Benjamin Dixon 2 maanden geleden
Gotta disagree with you on this one Schulz
ItsYoBoy Kris Fields
ItsYoBoy Kris Fields 2 maanden geleden
Your entitled to disagree like I'm entitled to agree
K Ben
K Ben 2 maanden geleden
American don't dress like Americans. All the designers are European or British facts
Vinny Fatstacks
Vinny Fatstacks 2 maanden geleden
The only ones I can name are Madden, Klein and Lauren.
rvScript 2 maanden geleden
I think the National Anthem became an issue because of the NFL protests started by Colin Kaepernick. The argument made by "Americans" was that by taking a knee during the Anthem , you are un patriotic. Un American. Colin is an enemy of the state. He is disrespecting American Troops by taking a knee during the Anthem and presentation of our Flag which troops defend. Somehow an insurrection on the CAPITOL is OK and part of the American tradition. But "taking a knee" is blasphemous and punishable by death and your soul is to rot in Hell for all eternity. Anywayz, Mark Cuban's idea makes sense. Get politics out of our Sunday afternoon fun. We are Americans and we enjoy the NFL. Not the NFL that stands during the anthem. We Enjoy FOOTBALL. Now get on out there and stop Brady from getting 8 superbowl rings.
Joel Dejesus
Joel Dejesus 2 maanden geleden
Can someone send me a link to where I can buy Akaash's shirt? Jawnt is tough
Adrian Pliszka
Adrian Pliszka 2 maanden geleden
People should do the actual pledge of allegiance. Not a fucking song
Marty Hanson
Marty Hanson 2 maanden geleden
Akaash really needs to be replaced by Mark Gagnon. Akaash a bitch.
itz FŁACØ 2 maanden geleden
I love these guys but don’t diss Canada an the anthem like it’s sum kinda pop song. Y’all don’t even have a good point for not liking it. Stick to y’all corny jokes n leave the disrespect outt of it
Jack Xiao
Jack Xiao 2 maanden geleden
I think it's more of why it wasn't played. Mark kind of implied that it wasn't played because the Anthem was offensive (to some people), which is kind of fucked up since it implies he's spear-heading the canceling of the Anthem in general. If he just said, we're not playing it cause it doesn't make sense in the context of a regular season game and we want the game to get started sooner, I think it would be better recieved.
Kevin Delee
Kevin Delee 2 maanden geleden
bro dont point that gun at me
TJ Blaidd
TJ Blaidd 2 maanden geleden
This pod should be the Idiots and the other one should be Flagrant. Schulz was wrong about so many things here that nobody has the energy to correct him.
kelly sounthala
kelly sounthala 2 maanden geleden
The national anthem to sports and any other American ceremony; Is like breaking the rules and your traditions to your comedy shows.
Matty Messner
Matty Messner 2 maanden geleden
Y’all got this one wrong. I love your shit, but it’s what, 4 minutes of your day. Don’t tell me about how hard life is
Vinny Fatstacks
Vinny Fatstacks 2 maanden geleden
🇺🇸 Life is really tough for NBA players. Must be tough getting $44m to bounce a ball real good
hector magoogle
hector magoogle 2 maanden geleden
Frozen Frames
Frozen Frames 2 maanden geleden
Mark cuban doing this in India would have got his head removed in 2 sec
ItsYoBoy Kris Fields
ItsYoBoy Kris Fields 2 maanden geleden
So good it means America is the better country...whats the problem
Manuel D
Manuel D 2 maanden geleden
WWI = 1914-1918!
T B 2 maanden geleden
All “pro” sports are secret CCP boot lickers over greed, period.
prodbysab 2 maanden geleden
We should have an earth anthem
The Frank
The Frank 2 maanden geleden
Every basketball game should have the Canadian anthem played at the start since we invented the sport. But ya fuck america too, cancel the anthem and everything patriotic lol.
Milo Afrodisiac
Milo Afrodisiac 2 maanden geleden
I love how everyone takes the cringey jokes so well just so they don’t get kicked off the show
Anthony 1
Anthony 1 2 maanden geleden
gotta pay the bills
Pharaoh 300
Pharaoh 300 2 maanden geleden
Glad im not the only one who noticed it. Look at the old episodes vs the new ones. Its so clear theyre pretending to laugh half the time. Like come on guys. We can tell.
ZEDreality 2 maanden geleden
That and also because they're high
mranklebreaker12 2 maanden geleden
I feel like Andrew picks his opinions on these topics out of a hat just to go to extreme lengths to defend them by incorporating obscene humor in his points
Fred Ben
Fred Ben 2 maanden geleden
They went through this anthem crap with public schools
Ed S
Ed S 2 maanden geleden
The Keepin it Real Podcast
The Keepin it Real Podcast 2 maanden geleden
Cuban the Chicomm sellout
Chris W
Chris W 2 maanden geleden
This video finally proves that andrew is a low information person.
ItsYoBoy Kris Fields
ItsYoBoy Kris Fields 2 maanden geleden
Thank God opinions are like assholes
Gavin Helgeson
Gavin Helgeson 2 maanden geleden
Wait.. your soooo pro don’t want to hear the National Anthem?🤔 makes sense fellas
A Man Has No Body
A Man Has No Body 2 maanden geleden
Akash, you don't know the National Anthem? I understand if it is the national song because that one is long af but the national anthem is short, it's just 13 lines. Then again, you grew up in the West so it's understandable.
EazeYT 2 maanden geleden
They’re right.
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