Schulz Reacts: Chauvin Guilty On All Counts | Flagrant 2 with Andrew Schulz and Akaash Singh

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Flagrant 2

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New York native and internationally touring stand-up, Andrew Schulz is known for his hilarious and unsafe comedy. He has starred in the sitcom BENDERS (now available on Netflix), can be seen in Amazon’s SNEAKY PETE, HBO’s CRASHING, and on MTV including GUY CODE and GIRL CODE.
In the podcast realm, Schulz can be heard on the wildly popular THE BRILLIANT IDIOTS - co-hosted by nationally syndicated radio and television personality Charlamagne tha God - the hilarious sports commentary podcast FLAGRANT 2, and the film and TV analysis podcast WESTERBROS. He has made major appearances on The Joe Rogan Experience, Bert Kreischer’s BERTCAST, Joey “coco” Diaz The Chuch of What’s Happening Now, and Theo Von’s This Past Weekend. He has even done solo interviews with the likes of Lil Duval and many others.
Andrew’s online presence has touched hundreds of millions of people across the globe and his unconventionally funny approach to the comedy world has launched him into stardome. His shows Dropping In and Inside Jokes will rack of hundreds of thousands of views weekly. Nothing is off limits for Schulz, from sex to race, and even the occasional audience heckler roast, Andrew is hungry to be the best. He can be seen in New York City performing regularly at New York Comedy Club and the Comedy Cellar.

General Consensus
General Consensus 2 dagen geleden
Can we get a yo thank you know 🤣
Roberto Elias
Roberto Elias 2 dagen geleden
IDK man I have mix feelings about all of this. When we saw the first video Derek looked guilty of murder but when the body Cam videos came out I thought it was pretty obvious Derek didn't murder him but, he definitely handled the situation poorly. I think he should have been charged with inventory manslaughter or neglect homicide. I'm not a lawyer so I'm not exactly sure if those are the exact terms lol but they sound right. Dude if any of the jury said anything else but guiltily they were Fucked. So I didn't think it was fair for the jury and plus they should've had the hearing in a private security area
Andrew Mccord
Andrew Mccord 2 dagen geleden
If you call nancy pelosi a hero, you immediately lose all my respect lol. Sorry.. not sorry
Antonio Da Silva
Antonio Da Silva 3 dagen geleden
Schulz for president!!!!!!
714 3 dagen geleden
A black can try to kill a coo then get killed by the cop and he’d be sentenced to life by a all white female blue haired jury
CN3 4 dagen geleden
For the first time I'm behind on flagrant episodes. Am I breaking up with the asshole army 🤔 I did delete my patreon account
Brian santos
Brian santos 4 dagen geleden
You guys sound like ya tip toeing around this subject.
Kyle .Krieger
Kyle .Krieger 4 dagen geleden
show's lame
Reeepicheep 4 dagen geleden
Donald Fox
Donald Fox 5 dagen geleden
I love ya Andrew. U like a white patrice o'neal. Compliment. BUT STOP SITTING LIKE THAT. Legs crossed like a female...smh U becoming suspect dawg
Christian Rodriguez
Christian Rodriguez 6 dagen geleden
Its sad. Chauvin is in jail because the jury was afraid to judge otherwise
SwiftyJayXD 6 dagen geleden
The first time the mob rule decided the verdict against all evidence facts....
Al Ementary
Al Ementary 6 dagen geleden
I felt an overwhelming sadness. Because the mob forced this verdict, not the law or the evidence. Cowards rendered it. This case will be the case looked at in the future that finally broke the justice system, which was already in pretty poor shape.
illy A.
illy A. 7 dagen geleden
Exactly Schultzy, that’s not justice! This was not properly conducted case
GCTFilter snake
GCTFilter snake 4 dagen geleden
.. Who cares JUSTICE WAS SERVED!! People in general have been cheating for decades, just because your feelings took a hit doesn't mean... Fuck it I'm so happy for this verdict 😊
Kenneth Benfield
Kenneth Benfield 7 dagen geleden
When is ghislane maxwell going to be found guilty?
Javier Fernandez
Javier Fernandez 8 dagen geleden
Gotta make the charges stick... whatever mechanism flies that shit needs to be dismantled.
Rambhakt Magneto
Rambhakt Magneto 8 dagen geleden
andrew trynna balance the black, centrists & progressive/left leaning demographic by celebrating the judgement on one hand and then the incel whitenats by talking about wierd shit like looting red lobster on the other hand.
Wesley Hudson
Wesley Hudson 9 dagen geleden
What does Louisville, Kentucky have to do with the George Floyd case?
Aaron Stan
Aaron Stan 9 dagen geleden
Fillmon Andemariam
Fillmon Andemariam 9 dagen geleden
Andrew so hack now :-//
Canadian Turtle
Canadian Turtle 10 dagen geleden
Fewer people will turn to a career in law enforcement because of this. And more will leave this field in exchange for a career where they're not prosecuted for doing their job. It's going to be funny seeing places that enforce "abolish the police." Can't wait for crime spikes to rise, it's going to be juicy content watching from a distance.
Nick Paul
Nick Paul 10 dagen geleden
In Florida even attempted murder you can get life in prison. Im glad that douchebag got found guilty but our justice system is so messed up. It's a business not a government.
Chesty 10 dagen geleden
He did exactly what he was trained to, maaaaybe manslaughter. Hes a political prisoner due to pressure from the left. Its not a great day for our justice system.
Nah Bro
Nah Bro 10 dagen geleden
Watch him get acquitted on appeal or a mistrial... The evidence and the law have no other option but not guilty. Everything suggested that the jury didnt consider the evidence and that the judge was biased
edreedson 10 dagen geleden
I have to unsubscribe. Yall are morons. You say many words that mean nothing. Get alot of d in the justice system???
edreedson 10 dagen geleden
Sad that ya man dont die from being choked. Neck is fine in the autopsy. Yet he was choked. Ya savior OD on fetynal. It's simple. Well simple for people that have a brain. Yall are morons.
Jeremy McIntyre
Jeremy McIntyre 11 dagen geleden
Wrong, choven was not guilty. You cant kill someone by kneeling on someone. Thats not how that works.
That Guy
That Guy 11 dagen geleden
Thousand of people dying to fentanyl. Thousands of people getting held down by police. One person died from overdoes with police on them and it's the cops fault lol. God bless America, I hope they don't come for you next.
That Guy
That Guy 11 dagen geleden
So when are we looting Shultzs houses?? He feels as thought it's owed to us! Let's get a party going!!
Scott Nicholas
Scott Nicholas 11 dagen geleden
OJ cuts off his wife’s head.. AL: Sometimes the justice system gets it right
Stewie2Space 11 dagen geleden
Akaash 🤣 “that many votes? Like, in her lifetime?”
Lou Yachty
Lou Yachty 11 dagen geleden
Stop pushing this dumb narrative that police hates blacks
Re B
Re B 11 dagen geleden
Chauvin is INNOCENT
Sunny the Great
Sunny the Great 11 dagen geleden
George Floyd, a lifelong felon, robber, and drug addict, is now a national hero, because he sacrificed himself with fentanyl overdose.
Mari Campari
Mari Campari 11 dagen geleden
I wanna loot a Red Lobster!! Are you serious?!? I'll be the new Tiger King, except I'll be Lobster Queen 👑
hardyman 11 dagen geleden
AL Capone used to sell alcohol in the 1920s and he was the biggest gangster at the time
michal murawski
michal murawski 11 dagen geleden
it's not justice if one side is threatening to burn down the city (blm terrorists) and the other side (chauvin defender) be like "look at the evidence first" - scotus will be overturning this farse before next election
Supernova videos
Supernova videos 11 dagen geleden
Andrew and Akaash know about the Ques? They’ve been to the cookout a few times then.
Jacob C
Jacob C 11 dagen geleden
Y'all didn't watch the trail the police said that the use of force Derek used was actually less than what he could have used. Also the prosecution admitted that his knee wasn't on GF neck. Mostly like Chauvin will have his guilty verdicts reversed on appeal but idk. Fuck the police we should indict all of them.
L.E.S. Kidd
L.E.S. Kidd 11 dagen geleden
Did you guys talk about marijuana legalization in New york and possibly prostitution as well soon the summer looking wild
Kelly G
Kelly G 11 dagen geleden
How you gonna disappear for days after dem bitches in tha Waldorf my mans
Dr650rob 11 dagen geleden
I'd feel like I can breathe with 27m in the bank
Paul Nenninger
Paul Nenninger 11 dagen geleden
relieved... I'm distressed that mob rule is the norm now!
Gadianton Robber
Gadianton Robber 11 dagen geleden
Chauvin knelt on Floyd's neck/back for way too long. Floyd was clearly struggling for his life. He should be convicted for this. All three accounts are absurd though. Involuntary manslaughter at the most. BTW, not one piece of evidence was presented showing Chauvin did what he did because he's racist. Let's stop pretending it was racial motivated please. This WOKE shit has to stop.
Derrick Rowe
Derrick Rowe 12 dagen geleden
He wasnt calling out to his mom. He was saying mama witch is what he calls his gf
letsget thisbred
letsget thisbred 7 dagen geleden
i like these guys, but you can tell they're either hiding their real thoughts or they're missing a whole lot of details.
weavatron observatory
weavatron observatory 12 dagen geleden
The vigil is for Breonna Taylor from what I’ve read.
Chuy Mtz
Chuy Mtz 12 dagen geleden
The definitions of those 3 charges are not the same in each state necessarily. i love you guys but if we don't know how the justice system works... how can we be relieved that justice was served....
Bert Hein
Bert Hein 12 dagen geleden
manslaughter sure. But the presocution didnt proof intent. didnt proof racism. didnt proof no breathing. and instead they accidently proved drugs, could have used more force, and no intent. weird world how that is justice served. 2nd degree would have never worked. 3rd degree would have never worked. manslaughter.. sure...
Galo Loor-Garces
Galo Loor-Garces 12 dagen geleden
What about a republican to replace Nancy
Ankit Sharma Cheema
Ankit Sharma Cheema 12 dagen geleden
Mark is actually really funny but is kinda underrated 🙌🏼
Sweet Pappy Jones
Sweet Pappy Jones 12 dagen geleden
Bruh they got that Red Lobster biscuit mix at the grocery store. Comes out fire too, and you ain’t gotta loot nothing 🔥🔥🔥
Tango Nevada
Tango Nevada 12 dagen geleden
Is this "The Fighter and the kid Lite"?
Jim Johnson
Jim Johnson 12 dagen geleden
China’s CIA doesn’t exist, they don’t push Fentanyl, promote racial segregation to weaken society. They don’t have half a million CCP members living in America. nope, nope, nope. Your problems all come from other Americans, the white ones or black ones, get them!!!
Vic Music
Vic Music 12 dagen geleden
So you didn’t pay attention to the evidence?
Levelity01 12 dagen geleden
It's very apparent none of them watched the trial. There is a very strong case for reasonable doubt and on Appeal he'll be acquitted for everything but manslaughter.
villen 12 dagen geleden
Honestly this was another failure of the justice system. While most people probably agree he needs to be held responsible to a certain degree. We all should know the jury convicted him out of fear and nothing else. These 12 people are not going to risk their own lives for Chauvin. So the point is regardless of the evidence, they could have proven Chauvin innocent to the fullest extent and that jury was still going to come back with a guilty verdict because not one of those jurors was gonna risk waking up to a Molotov through their bedroom window.
Amir 12 dagen geleden
Eeff the marx floyd publicity... it's all a Ch! nese plot
C .Bedell
C .Bedell 12 dagen geleden
George Floyd did kind of sacrifice his life. To counter Akash Floyd was given multiple choices while being arrested and he chose to resist every time. We all get the same choices when being arrested no matter our race or gender.
Richard Talbot
Richard Talbot 12 dagen geleden
Non of his charges involved intentional killing.
MrLbstoner 12 dagen geleden
First off us citizens get the a b c charges, so it’s only fair to bring up multiple charges on cops and hope one sticks.
state stenographer
state stenographer 12 dagen geleden
The answer to how they can charge all 3 is that they will make the sentences concurrent to the longest one.
Richard Potter
Richard Potter 12 dagen geleden
There's no doubt that dude didn't need to be punished, but how in the blue f*** can they charge a man with 3 hierarchical crimes of the same nature? With the 2nd degreed, 3rd degreed....etc. What's up with that other than political BS ?
Hufinn Puff
Hufinn Puff 12 dagen geleden
Don't be surprised when they appeal and win.
How Bout Now
How Bout Now 12 dagen geleden
No men wearing birkenstocks? Yay! I can watch this video!
JanXXVI 12 dagen geleden
I'm almost 5min inn, and im wondering, have any of you watched the evidence? or are you judgeing this case only on the video that we have all seen? Cause the evidence show, including another video angle that he did not have his knee on the kneck the the whole time, he was moving it, so the prosecutor had to change the wording from kneck to back. He also had covid, large amount of Fentynol and some amfetamine in his system, including a heart condition. And he was complaining about breathing before he was put on the ground. So with all that, was it justice to find him guilty on all 3 charges?
Chan g
Chan g 12 dagen geleden
Dirty dancing lol..more like footloose
Chris Fox
Chris Fox 12 dagen geleden
Lol he is still going to get away with it.
Shreem 12 dagen geleden
It ain't 1950 anymore, in what way are any of these minorities up here getting rich on NLfast oppressed?
Sunny James
Sunny James 12 dagen geleden
Everybody celebrating; but people don't understand the defund the police, and BLM is not grassroots; it's been funded by China and Russia on all manners of their respective state departments. Ever read V for Vendetta. Plague the people on the media with pandemics, war and riots, and they will cry for their government back. Democrats that sponsored it also sponsored Bobby Rush' hr6666 bill. Ya, that's a real bill and it will most certainly plague the black community. This woke thing has an end goal. Xi and Putin aren't stupid. They spent years building their men, their citizens families. They pay for the WOKE for us. And they're great when it comes to Psychological operations. There will come a day when we beg for covid and the riot days back. Oh and that climate change thing. Read NYU professor Matthew Laoi plans to genetically altar our children using vaccines to make them more peaceful, less resource intensive, and weirdly to see in the dark. It's fun debating culture wars, but if you let the government grow their Stazi state well they might take ur kid. People think this is a joke, this is serious, and what kills me is most of this panel voted for it. Voted for ending their own future through echo chambers.
Fabricio Roque
Fabricio Roque 12 dagen geleden
Uninformed race-bating surface-level-opinionated bro show
That's On Point!
That's On Point! 12 dagen geleden
Akaash says he is relieved because there will be less unrest but reality determined that was a lie. It was going to get worse no matter which way this went because the riots and unrest have nothing to do with this, this is just an excuse to rebel.
Johnny 12 dagen geleden
Fact check; he was NOT murdered!!! Did you people watch the WHOLE trial???
Max Uzumaki
Max Uzumaki 12 dagen geleden
“Guilty until proven innocent” ... wait is that how it works?
Isaiah Kennedy
Isaiah Kennedy 12 dagen geleden
Look into it Schulz
Cloud Nine
Cloud Nine 12 dagen geleden
To hell with the fact that he had three times the lethal amount of fentanyl in toxicology report, drugs with his saliva being found, Floyd himself requesting to be put on the ground, refusing to cooperate or be put in the police SUV with AC and windows down, despite the fact his drug dealer was present, despite the fact that he wasn’t calling out for his estranged mother(it was in fact, his GF listed in his contacts as “Mama”), despite all that.. It’s all Chauvin’s fault
Xandi 12 dagen geleden
andrew shultz italian american closet white supremacist
Slaymyface135 12 dagen geleden
The fact he said "cops get away with it for blacks" when more unarmed white people have been shot by cops then blacks....but fyi chauvin is gonna appeal because of the shit that happened -antifa tried to intimidate jurors -one juror admitted they only said guilty because she was scared of BLM -maxine waters threatened violence if they didnt get a guilty plea -27 million dollars were payed out before the case was even started Even the judge admited they have a not guilty upon appeal
Garbouge Senior
Garbouge Senior 12 dagen geleden
Mark - what’s up Q boyz! SsiiiccccEEMMM 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Tristan Burke
Tristan Burke 12 dagen geleden
I was pretty surprised by the verdict. Watched the whole thing live, y’all clearly didn’t because the evidence definitely put reasonable doubt on the murder charges. I was expecting the manslaughter imo
Slayer8957 9 dagen geleden
@Kalivermore925 You absolutely do if the prosecution offers involuntary manslaughter with parole in two years. Cant possibly expect a jury trial to end much better, and can easily end much worse.
Kalivermore925 9 dagen geleden
@Slayer8957 he was never gonna plead guilty keep it real
Slayer8957 10 dagen geleden
The whole reason for the murder charges was because of the whole allegations that Chauvin knew Floyd and killed him when he had the chance when he arrested him. Now its proven that was all nonsense, which means no murder charges should have ever been pressed in the first place. Manslaughter charges should have been the only charge, then he would have plead guilty for reduced time, and this whole trial could have been avoided. But its clear now that the politics involved is why they overcharged so no plea guily could happen so the whole trial could be a public spectacle and be televised. And whats worse is that jury was so scared of retaliation that they found him guilty on all three charges instead of picking one of the three like they were supposed to.
Nah Bro
Nah Bro 10 dagen geleden
Yea anyone who followed things and has seen the body cam couldnt in good conscience say there's no reasonable doubt
Tristan Burke
Tristan Burke 11 dagen geleden
@Irka R for sure. Just odd to have an opinion on something when you are ignorant in said thing.
john pellegrino
john pellegrino 12 dagen geleden
NLfast removes my comments because I mentioned the two forbidden words, election fraud. Are you kidding me? Is this still America, land of the free? It's certainly not looking like it lately. Social media is supposed to support the free exchange of ideas no matter what side of the political spectrum you fall on. I believe, as do most Americans, that this election was not a fair and honest election. Does anyone really believe that Joe Biden, who campaigned from his basement and couldn't fill a phone booth with supporters, got 80 million votes? Does anyone believe that an incumbent president gets at least 12 million more votes than the first time and loses? There were too many anomalies to believe this election was on the up and up. Why were many Republican inspectors kept from overseeing the vote counts? Why were Republican inspectors sent home after they were told their was a water main break that turned out to be a hoax but Democrat inspectors stayed behind and removed suitcases filled with ballots out from under tables. This was caught on video. I will not re-subscribe to NLfast premium or NLfast TV until NLfast stops censoring conservative viewpoints especially those who support our president and believe that election fraud took place. Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion. The first amendment guarantees that. If election fraud didn't take place, why are Democrats fighting forensic audits in AZ and GA? They've sent 73 lawyers to AZ. If they had nothing to hide they would be transparent and welcome an audit to prove that the 2020 election was a fair and honest one.
Xavier Xavier
Xavier Xavier 12 dagen geleden
❗ He's only going to get 10-12 years..... ❗
Cameron Yergeau
Cameron Yergeau 13 dagen geleden
How are people still trying to be police officers? 😂
James Gardner
James Gardner 13 dagen geleden
Murder 2 is intention to kill, not premeditated. Guy must have thought he was a cop or something.
naz salabarria
naz salabarria 13 dagen geleden
They should tone down the fake laughter
Billy Glimstead
Billy Glimstead 13 dagen geleden
Tony timpa
john pellegrino
john pellegrino 13 dagen geleden
First of all, there was no way in hell this cop was getting a fair trial in the city that this incident occurred. That jury decided his guilt before they even heard a shred of evidence. They were never going to reach an innocent verdict unless they wanted BLM to burn their houses to the ground and burn the city of Minneapolis to the ground. Second, it's physically impossible to suffocate a human being with your knee on a man's shoulder blade and the BACK of his neck. Third, George Floyd had several drugs in his body and he was not a healthy person to begin with. He suffered from a bad heart, high cholesterol and other serious health conditions. That cop had no intention to kill Floyd and it makes absolutely no sense to convict someone of accidently and purposely killing someone. None of it adds up. The fix was in from the beginning.
Bitcoin 13 dagen geleden
If people think that Chauvin intentionally killed Floyd they are idiots. Manslaughter not murder
J T 13 dagen geleden
Dude should have been acquitted simply due to the threats of violence if he wasn’t. Giving into threats of violence is more dangerous than dealing with the actual violence because once you give in to the threats they just keep coming with no end in sight.
J T 12 dagen geleden
@Kyle just as illogical as giving into threats of violence with the hopes of avoiding the violence by giving those making the threats what they want and that’s the point. Also you know your argument is weak when you misrepresent your opposition and frame their point about “threats of violence” as “people are angry” as if it’s impossible to be angry without threatening violence.
Kyle 13 dagen geleden
So he shouldn’t face consequences for what he did because people are angry? How illogical is that
Sunny Up
Sunny Up 13 dagen geleden
Wait till the Appeal
JR De Leon
JR De Leon 13 dagen geleden
Based on my understanding, meth and heroine have the opposite effects on children as they do on adults
Omniscient 13 dagen geleden
Obvious mistrial. Manslaughter is the only charge I can kinda understand. Mob rule, even in court. America is fucked.
Gameovr17 13 dagen geleden
Show me a single video where the citizen does not buck against the cops and they are shot. Never happens. If ur telling me that cop intentionally killed him u are crazy
Chels Appiah
Chels Appiah 13 dagen geleden
Weirdly I feel super indifferent about the verdict like I’m relieved he’s guilty but I don’t feel ANY better... idk
That's On Point!
That's On Point! 12 dagen geleden
Trial was a farse. Jurors have already admitted they said guilty out of fear from the riots as one lived in the neighborhood being rioted during the trial. This combined with Maxine Waters' comment. He will be aquitted on appeal. With that being said he was guilty
JDub is a Shill
JDub is a Shill 12 dagen geleden
I'm in the same boat. I see three issues - Police hiring process/Unions and Black on black crime. I know it's a long discussion on why there is so much BoB crime - just sucks that there is so much long term damage as a result.
Justin 13 dagen geleden
Policies being changed is what really matters, Chauvin is just one guy
Rik Sinha
Rik Sinha 13 dagen geleden
Hi could u guys do a discussion on India second coronavirus crisis.....I am sure ur viewership from India will increase at a skyrocketing rate
Bobby Jones
Bobby Jones 13 dagen geleden
Yall should educate yourself on the FACTS of the case and your opinion would probably change.
shabazzlax21 13 dagen geleden
Mark needs to be on Brilliant idiots cause facts mean nothing to him.
Mark York
Mark York 13 dagen geleden
I'm voting for drew
Matt Pfaff
Matt Pfaff 13 dagen geleden
I’m gonna do everybody a solid and provide some legal help here. These are crimes applied to this case only. There are other ways to be charged and convicted of these crimes as well too. 2nd degree murder charge= felony murder, which is applicable to this case. A death of a person occurs while in commission of a felony, which in this case was 3rd degree assault. This charge (in my opinion) was not proven beyond a reasonable doubt because the drugs in his system, his health, and the fact there’s video evidence of no knee on neck. 3rd degree murder=depraved heart murder. Usually described as conduct that is so reckless that the natural consequences of the action would result in death of a person. With murder 3 there is no intent to kill any specific person. Think drunk driving. Not applicable in this case, because this is a too specific set of facts for it to not have been a “targeted” person. Manslaughter charge: when someone negligently creates an unreasonable risk and consciously takes the chance of taking another persons life. Most plausible in this case, also, not applicable when you take into account the position of knee as seen in second video. How can is putting your knee between someone’s shoulder blades creating a risk of taking someone’s life? Appealability: Most people don’t know that fact finding is not appealable in the appeals process. The only appealable things the defense can go after is, judge misconduct (letting in evidence that should not have been entered) or jury instruction. Generally speaking, you can only appeal a legal error made by the court. Double jeopardy: you cannot be tried of the same CRIME twice all of these are separate crimes, so he can be charged by them. What isn’t allowed for example is if they jury acquitted DC, and then 4 years later, they try him for the same crimes again.
Todd Reeder
Todd Reeder 13 dagen geleden
You all where fake before. But now !
Hamza Jay
Hamza Jay 13 dagen geleden
It'll get overturned, mis-trial
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