Jeremy Beresh
Jeremy Beresh 17 uur geleden
I think that ended like 15min too soon
Allen Amani
Allen Amani 17 uur geleden
35:20 YOOO I did not know other girls do that too! LMAO I'm always asking my wife where shit is and she always knows.
Es_Three 17 uur geleden
Yo I love this guy. Not even 10 minutes in & I have a new drug dealing system
Che1seabluesdrogba11 17 uur geleden
I mean Mark's right all Andrew does is just try to talk loudly over someones argument whether it be mark or Akaash or someone
Juan Fontanez
Juan Fontanez 17 uur geleden
These two ladies should put up 10 billion each & just end homelessness in the USA, that would put both they Ex to shame.
abi feldman
abi feldman 17 uur geleden
Schulzy looks like a combo of the Joker & Hitler. Cute 😍
Kenneth Sullivan
Kenneth Sullivan 17 uur geleden
Neither did Steve Jobs.
King Jah
King Jah 17 uur geleden
Yo this apple android convo comparison is lame i know mfs wit no jobs project bound and the whole family got iphones but they broke as shit i just hate how this dude assumes only rich people got iphones kids have iphones cmon
Giovany Ramirez
Giovany Ramirez 17 uur geleden
All bull shit aside who’s messaging gates wife shooting their shot 😂
Mitch Rymes
Mitch Rymes 17 uur geleden
Talk about an apple ball licking
HMC7 17 uur geleden
1:03:36 lmfaoooo Andrew gets his mind shattered.
J A 17 uur geleden
Yeah but who's to say what's okay to be said and what's not?! You see, it's actually a dilemma of the modern world. If we allow institutions to decide what can be said and what can't! A new form of new world religion will emerge, and we'll be screwed again. But teaching free speech in which it has to come with a responsibility and awareness, is probably way better than censor ship and cancel culture. Improving education is always better than shutting up mouths.
ONE PUNCH 18 uur geleden
Drew discovering States rights is funny in a sense of this is fundamental to American policy.
Stephanie Grace
Stephanie Grace 18 uur geleden
It would be crazy if their marriages broke up because both wives were having an affair with each other
vikingscott 18 uur geleden
Gates divorce is probably to protect his money!
vikingscott 18 uur geleden
His wife looks like a dude!
John Alabi
John Alabi 18 uur geleden
Are we willing to pay the price for our words to be valuable ... 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
Skankhunt42 18 uur geleden
Both equally not hot. Gates and bezos shoulda dumped those chicks a long time ago
PickledParsleyParty 18 uur geleden
I'm not sure I follow Akaash's distaste for Melinda. At the very least, she is absolutely the one who manages their social connections. And those are critical for any leader who wants to be relevant.
kishenp111 18 uur geleden
akaash coming out hot with the incel energy
Tyler Tim
Tyler Tim 18 uur geleden
Bill gates doesn't own all the land and still wants to block out the sun.
professor4444 18 uur geleden
Most of the group really knows nothing about UK football but they understand and nail all the points spot on 100 👏👏
vedomedo 18 uur geleden
Damn, googled Andrew & Jason Derulo MTV 2, my man Andrew looked 100% like G Eazy.
Spenser Bainbridge
Spenser Bainbridge 18 uur geleden
Melinda is clearly a bloke
Steven Conner
Steven Conner 18 uur geleden
This guy is kind of a douche
professor4444 19 uur geleden
hahhahha mark freaking out 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Frisko 19 uur geleden
They don't eat the roosters after fighting them lol
Ryno Jacobs
Ryno Jacobs 19 uur geleden
elvisgrr 19 uur geleden
Andrew's brain grew three times this day. So did mine.
Mike Walters
Mike Walters 19 uur geleden
Blankety Blankstein!!
M W 19 uur geleden
Dude. Shoulders. Tearing. People used to birth standing sooo. Think it’s a hospital liability issue.
David A
David A 19 uur geleden
Gates was shorting GME. Thats why he got divorced, his wife conveniently doesn't have a prenup and the timing matches up. All speculation, nobody but them know the truth
Ilsa Henry
Ilsa Henry 19 uur geleden
Mrs Brittney Adams is Highly recommended She's the reason for my financial Freedom.
Aaron Johnson
Aaron Johnson 19 uur geleden
Schulz has nightmares about his ankles being covered.
mg haza
mg haza 19 uur geleden
jared is just Schulz if his girl left him and ate to suppress his sadness
Hilda Dutch
Hilda Dutch 19 uur geleden
How can I contact Brittney Adams I heard she's pro.
Nancy Abeyta
Nancy Abeyta 19 uur geleden
+ 1 8 1 8 5 3 3 9 6 4 2
Nancy Abeyta
Nancy Abeyta 19 uur geleden
She's available on whatsap p
Nancy Abeyta
Nancy Abeyta 19 uur geleden
Mrs Brittney would solve your crypto problems.
Taylor Jones
Taylor Jones 19 uur geleden
Melinda is the one who started the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. It was her idea to help people more. These guys always give their opinions on things they know nothing about. Mackenzie also worked on Amazon with Jeff. Neither of them have done nothing.
Taylor Jones
Taylor Jones 17 uur geleden
@Rafael Acosta she really doesn’t. She’s a normal woman. You probably just spend too much time on the internet looking at plastic, done up, edited versions of women. And that’s irrelevant anyways because I was commenting on the part where they said they do nothing and Melinda was irrelevant to the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation because it’s just not true.
Eerdes Milka
Eerdes Milka 18 uur geleden
@Rafael Acosta Yeah I hear you but at the beginning Akaash basically stated Melinda did nothing else but spend ''Bills'' money which is FAR from the truth. Akaash was just hating to hate 😭
Rafael Acosta
Rafael Acosta 18 uur geleden
I think what they are harping about is that Melinda very much looks like a man.
Eerdes Milka
Eerdes Milka 18 uur geleden
Roberto Rizo
Roberto Rizo 19 uur geleden
10:17 hahaha, but I like my Pixel
David Skilling
David Skilling 19 uur geleden
"we're going to take Scotland from the British" errrr they are British.
Ricky Contreras
Ricky Contreras 19 uur geleden
Did he really just say people aren’t free who wear masks? Lost so much respect lmao
IgorTV 19 uur geleden
Wow that was the best
Red Sea Drifter
Red Sea Drifter 19 uur geleden
I thought I was the only 1 scroll down the comments section and ya I was wrong .... this guy ant that updated on Tesla ,crypto or anything he’s like CNN or Fox News 1 side story ...Schulz u need a new mate 2 get advice from your content dude dumb ,smart you need to know all sides right.
sikosis999 19 uur geleden
blankety blankstein . . . my inner black woman reflexed . . . ' you goin to hell!" hahaha
Pharaoh Akhenaten
Pharaoh Akhenaten 20 uur geleden
Warriors and Raptors are the top teams were players don't have issues with each others.
Cynthia Vincent
Cynthia Vincent 20 uur geleden
fantastic conversation!!!!!!!!!!!
Ricardo E
Ricardo E 20 uur geleden
Nah Bill Gates does not seem to have good intentions to me
Yasir Anadani
Yasir Anadani 20 uur geleden
"Sports for remembering where did you put your shit" sounds like something Rick & Morty would watch
Cole Chapman
Cole Chapman 20 uur geleden
Ben dropping The Wheel of Time. Shit is going be dope, if done right
Pass Kall
Pass Kall 20 uur geleden
This show is so much better than Rogan
Finding NEO
Finding NEO 20 uur geleden
Low brow pop-culture comedy right here. You’re better than that
Controllers N Podcasts
Controllers N Podcasts 20 uur geleden
When it comes to religion, this is where Jordan Peterson doesn’t appear intelligent with how much he stretches these points.
Randy Komi
Randy Komi 20 uur geleden
Why Schulz such a Bill Gates hater? Never used his shit? Bruh never done a PowerPoint presentation? Never had to use Word or Excel?? I don’t believe it.
discorobban 20 uur geleden
Love flagrant 2, but it hurts my soul hearing you guys talking about football. And I mean real football, not the american kind.
Dan E Garner
Dan E Garner 20 uur geleden
I didn't recognise Ross until he said! He has changed so much since his friends days! Doesn't look like the same person at all!
Morgan Green
Morgan Green 20 uur geleden
Both of their wives worked for their companies. I think their settlements are fair.
Chase Norton
Chase Norton 20 uur geleden
Jealous dude... so what if one of your "friends" strikes it rich?!?
frankie capuano
frankie capuano 20 uur geleden
Just watched Chappelle on Rogan he seems a little salty with Schultz
Jorge Gomez
Jorge Gomez 20 uur geleden
the only think hot in both are the billions
Sye Olmstead
Sye Olmstead 20 uur geleden
For being okay with being censored as someone who always claims he’s against it sucks. Lost me as a fan/viewer
All Jello
All Jello 21 uur geleden
Bezos wife dipped and married a teacher lmao
Julia Gamotska
Julia Gamotska 21 uur geleden
It is so great that thanks to technology today we may have access to such ideas as Jordan Peterson tells. Some time ago it would be impossible because the mainstream media would never allow him to speak. Great man!
Jolly Roger
Jolly Roger 21 uur geleden
I wish door dash and all these restaurant deliveries were around when we were younger. Back then staying at home was NOT something people were interested in
TheMusicman95382 21 uur geleden
The next electric car will destroy tesla coming in November. Cheaper and safer
Jolly Roger
Jolly Roger 21 uur geleden
This is why I prefer to be a ghost in society. It doesn't matter how far you get along even when money doesn't matter you still have to play money games for "the cohesion of society" haha The blue pilled world is pathetic
SAELIOS MUSIC 21 uur geleden
in my head Jason deruloooo
INSPIR.ED 21 uur geleden
My middle school boys soccer team used to scrimmage the varsity girls soccer team for practice and win easily every single time.
Beatriz Ceballos
Beatriz Ceballos 21 uur geleden
I really enjoyed how Andrew made Dr Peterson laugh a lot. It was a great investment of my time.
divya pilla
divya pilla 21 uur geleden
preach Dr. Jordan Peterson
goofeydude22 21 uur geleden
Bezos graduated summa cum laude from Princeton with degrees in electrical engineering and computer science. He may not build the rockets, but I doubt he's incapable of doing so if he wanted to.
sqwijs 21 uur geleden
This is amazing, dr. Peterson is (in my opinion) 1 of the great minds of our time
Kill Bill
Kill Bill 21 uur geleden
the big joke is that the nwo is laughing that their plans are going so well.
Kill Bill
Kill Bill 21 uur geleden
cashless society.. and essentially crypto is a financial weapon to destroy the world's reserve currency. The US Dollar.